Test ID Mega888 | Free Account Mega 888 2024

You can play Mega888 without betting real money by using the Mega888 test id option. Meanwhile, this allows players to use all the advantages of the game and increase their self-confidence without risking anything.

In addition, using the mega888 test id basically allows you to determine if you like playing the game before playing with real money. If you don't like a certain game, you can choose not to play it over and over again. Having a free account set up has the added benefit of enabling bonus rewards. Since withdrawals from your account are not allowed, Mega888 test id offers bonuses to players who use their Test ID.

What is the Mega888 Test ID? 

This is the information you need to log into your Test ID account:
                                              Free Test ID: Test1000 – Test10000
                                                        Password: Aa1234

**Please read the information below before you continue logging into the Mega888 casino using the Test ID and password information listed above.

Please note that this Test ID is not "Test1000 - Test10000" but what you need to do is to choose any number of your choice between 1000 to 10000. Because of that, you can only choose within that number range so you don't have to worry about choosing it.

You must Download mega888 apk on Android or iOS device first. Then log in using the provided ID and Password. Additionally, there are no time or credit limits, hidden costs or other restrictions on your ability to play any game title.

However, choose a random number between 1 and 10,000 numbers to log in to the Mega888 test ID. You can try logging in with any number in the range, but keep in mind that other people are also trying to get a Mega888 test ID; if someone else chooses it, proceed to the next Test ID.

Furthermore, when no one else wants to choose that Test ID, the system will allow you to log in. The Test ID account will have a permanent password of “Aa1234” and an account name such as “test1833,” “test9877,” “test1588,” “test7890,” and “test3467.”

For example, if you choose Test ID 1831, you can only use it provided no player has chosen the same number to log in at that time. So, you can just use the Test ID without any problem.

Mega888 Test ID Free Credit

Your account will be given two thousand free credits as soon as you log into the Mega888 casino, and it will be fully refilled the next day after you have used it the previous day. When you use Test ID, you must also be aware that all the money you win cannot be withdrawn at all because it is a trial session only. However, the good thing is, you can play as much as you like at any time when using the Test ID provided.

You can simply contact our customer service team at the bottom right of your screen if players face any problems when logging in using Test ID. You can read our article on Mega888 Customer Service for how to communicate with our customer service team.