Mega888 Jackpot

Mega888 jackpot offers highest prize and consideration compared to all the online casino games in Malaysia. Although getting jackpot is a rare occasion in online gambling settings, however, Mega888 game is providing relatively higher chance of obtaining the mega bonus. It was reported that Mega888 online jackpot rate is roughly 2%, meanwhile, average jackpot chance for other online slots is around 0.2% - indicating that Mega888 jackpot is happening ten times more compared to other comparable slot machines. We believe this is the main reason contributing to its incredible fame in Malaysia community. Due to its fame, mega888 game is regarded as the leading online casino in local gambling arena. Mathematically and technically speaking, there is no way to increase Mega888 jackpot probability. Its algorithm is fixed, many have tried to crack it, unfortunately, no one has succeeded. It is safe to say that the thoughts regarding hacking the algorithm is considered to be “extra-ordinary silly”, give the fact that its algorithm is encrypted with ultra-tight cyber-security and protection system. Despite the negative news, there are other solutions to this problem. First, by positioning yourself in Mega888 slots will significantly improve your odds of winning – due to the fact that the jackpot probability is high. Secondly, there are slots, within Mega888 online, offering even higher chances of striking a mega bonus.

Mega888 Game

We have conducted a research to study 918kiss malaysia probability distribution last year. By feeding millions of data into an AI software, which we borrowed from a renowned AI company, we are able to find valuable insights generated by the computer. Through big data analytics, we found out that some of Mega888 games are suppling 2.8% of jackpot chance. This incredible finding was still not widely known. The implication is far-reaching. At one end, it indicates that the best online slots for you to win money is through Mega888 slots. At the other end, it signifies that it is mathematically possible to make money from online gambling. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that there are many professionals making consistent mega-wins in Mega888 app. In order to check and verify that bold idea, you can always do it with Mega888 test ID, or if you are brave enough, test it with a real account which can be obtained from register mega888. We strongly believe that you will come out with similar findings from your trial and experiment. Mega888 online has supplied us a gambling platform for which we can generate money in an intelligent way – and this is only for those who know how to take advantage of its system. Our bold conclusion is that, if you want to win big and continuously, do it with Mega888 game. On the surface, the idea might sound very optimistic, however, it is happening without us realizing.