Monkey Thunderbolt Tips & Trick How to Win Easily -

Monkey Thunderbolt is a classic online slot game that you can find in apps such as 918kissMega888, and Xe88. It is also a game that is adored by many due to its cute animation with little colorful monkeys. And the game is simple! All you need is to guess which monkey climbs fastest to the top. You can also choose to wager on the runner-up or the monkey that finishes in third place. 

How to play Monkey Thunderbolt

The way to play the game is very simple. It involves six adorable monkeys, each coated in different colors (red, blue, green, brown, purple, and gold).  Each of these monkeys is attached to a silk rope, and when the game begins, the monkeys will race and climb to the top. The players simply need to bet on which monkey that will reach the top first, second and third. Easy right? But to win consistently in this online game, you probably need to put some strategy into play. Below we have added some tips to help you win more in Monkey Thunderbolt:

Know the basics of Monkey Thunderbolt

You can hardly beat the game if you have yet to grasp the basics. As the saying goes, master the fundamentals of the game and you master the game itself. The basics of Monkey Thunderbolt are like this, there are two minutes in each round, which gives you roughly 30 rounds in an hour. You can make use of this fact to plan your betting session and budget carefully. When there are only 10 seconds left on the clock, the game will usually let out a sound effect. This is your cue and reminder that the game is coming to an end.  We advise you quickly zoom in on the little monkeys to see them in action from a closer perspective, this will help you to determine which of these monkeys has the lead before the timer stops. Take note that during the game, there will be obstacles that can hinder a monkey’s advancement on the rope as well. For example, the appearance of birds that causes the monkeys to fall off the ropes. 

Know the multipliers

Now that you know the basics of the game, the next important step is for you to pay close attention to the multipliers. The score multiplier will determine your final payout for a winning bet, so you should use this as an indicator for the amount of bet to place in each session. The general idea is to place a higher bet when the multiplier increases. 

Know the different bets

There are different bets you can choose to wager in the Monkey thunderbolt game. The lanterns, or the odds, come in RM100, RM 125, and RM175. You can choose to keep placing money until you hit one of your bets. However, we would advise you to always start small at RM100, then slowly move your bet up as you continue playing. Do not get too worried if you lose your bet at the start as you will surely win them back afterward, so long as you are persistent.

We hope these tips are helpful. If you have not registered a gaming account, you can download the app here. Be sure to try out other games available on its site as well!