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Ocean King is a classical fish hunter online game filled with a variety of fishes, weapons, and attractive 3D effects to make players hunting experience more exciting than ever. This fish hunting game is nothing like you have seen before. It is a fast-paced and skill-based game that requires players to make highly decisive actions, thinking, and coordination in order to win the race. You can play the Ocean King as a single person or as multiple players. Up to 10 players can participate in the match at the same time to race against each other. They need to catch as many fish as possible, in order to increase their profit. Chances of winning not only depend on how well you the game but also how fast you make the decisions. The player with the ultimate highest score within the given timeframe will win the biggest payout. Due to the increasing popularity of Ocean King, many variations of this game have been developed over the years. For example, Ocean King Plus: Blackbeard’s Fury, Ocean King 3 Plus: Legend of the Phoenix, Ocean King 3 Plus: Golden Toad’s Frog Frenzy, Ocean King 3 Plus: Master of the Deep etcetera. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play the game:

Step 1: Start the Ocean King game

To start the game, you need the first login to any online casino website such as the 918kissmega888, or SCR888. Then, select the game and wait for it to load.

Step 2: Choose your weapon of choice

Once you are in, you may begin to select the weapon that you want to use to kill the fishes. What is important to take note that different weapons have different net sizes and level of shooting power. But don’t be too worry because in Ocean King, players get to change their weapon of choice during the game and you simply need to press the weapon-changing button. Most of the time this is necessary because, in order to shoot the difficult fishes, you may require a more powerful weapon compared to when killing the smaller ones. 

Step 3: Aim at the fish you want to kill

After you have chosen the weapon of choice, the next step and the most important step would be aiming at the fish that you want to kill. Aiming is done using a joystick for you to point exactly at your intended target. There are over 16 species of fishes with different values, so you should keep in mind which of those fishes have a higher value than you can aim for. 

Step 4: Shoot away!

When you have aimed at the right fish, you can go ahead and quickly press the shoot button. Aiming and shooting should be done swiftly because the fishes are always on the move. So if you do not shoot fast, you may end up shooting at empty spaces. 

Step 5: End the Ocean King game

When the time is up, and the game is done, you just have to quit the game and retrieve your profit. The profit will depend on the total points you have earned during the game.