Great Blue Slot Game

Great Blue Slot Game, occasionally known as great blue 918kiss, is one of the most popular free slot games in Malaysia. This free online slot game, or free mobile slot game, is widely and easily recognized among the professional gamblers in Malaysia because of its eye-catching logo, which is represented by a carton killer whale. Great Blue slot for Android free download is available “here”.  Great Blue slot free play is available because it is included as one of the games in SCR888 Great Blue (which is the former name).

It has been rebranded to 918kiss Great Blue since 2015 because there are many fake websites which are leveraging on its fame to promote other betting products. The change in the name has proved to be extremely successful because of the word “kiss”, which is very appealing to the younger generation. The new logo comes with pink a lady lips where the new name is stick on the front of it. The thoughtful design of the new logo, has no doubt, contributed to the big success of the rebranding. In future, the developer will keep monitoring the use of its new name in the internet and take necessary steps to prevent the misuse of its fame.

Great Blue Slot Trick

918kiss Great Blue is a 5-columns and 3-row Malaysia casino slot, featuring clean ocean in the background. We have provided some pictures regarding the layout and design for game mega888. Great Blue free play has been gaining popularity since its inception in the early 2000s and has been ranked as the number-one slot game in SCR888 in terms of overall playing time. It offers simple gambling structure and patterns where gamblers only need to press on the spin buttons to start the slot. With each successful spin, players are given a relatively high chance of winning (as compared to other slot machine) because it provides hundreds of winning combinations.

Every winning combination provide different payout ratio and the higher the amount used to gamble, the higher the payout amount.  Just like any other Malaysia casino slot games, different slot provides different chances of winning. Great blue jackpot is happening frequently, and many people have reaped the advantages, with reported awards on each jackpot ranging from RM3,000 to RM16,000.

It is very uncommon for beginners to have low-win rate in Great Blue free slot because the odds are skewed to the users. It is recorded that 6 out of 10 users are winners. Out of the 10 users, 2 are making even and they continued to play Great Blue free play for fun. Until todays, many people are still trying hard to figure out the method to win more from it. Many people have tried and succeeded while many of them are still working on it. In the end, it depends on how  much effort you put on it, as the saying goes, “the harder you work, the luckier you get”. Finally, for your convenience, Great Blue free slot games download is available in mega888 official website.